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    Help to Save the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

    We are seeking for funds to buy foods, clothing, and medicine for the Rohingya refugees in the Bangladesh Border. A group of us will go to Tekhnaf to help the suffering Rohingya people. We will provide a clear breakdown on the distribution of the fund. Please donate and spread the word. It’s the least we can do for such inhumane situation.

    Who are We:

    We are a group of friends from Dhaka, Bangladesh and abroad, trying to help the Rohingya refugees by providing dry foods, medicine, water purifying tablets and clothes to ease some of their sufferings. I am Anna Karlikova representing the Generosity initiative to collect donations for the cause of the relief effort for the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh.


    With the Generosity donation, we plan to buy the following supplies for the refugees in Chittagong, Bangladesh:

    *10000+ pcs saline for sick people

    *3000+ cartoons of biscuits and other dry foods for the peoples.
    *5000 pcs of mosquito nets for children
    *5000 torch lights/lanterns for women with children to walk safely at night

    *10000 Candles for night time light.

    *Water purifier tablets.
    * Make 5-10 tube well for community drinking

    The local donation those are being raised in Dhaka will be used to procure dry food, water and other medicine.

    Our team will reach Tekhaf to distribute the supplies and also supervise the tube well implementations for the suffering refugees. We are planning on going facebook live (depending on connectivity) and post pictures of the relief effort. We will also make proper assessment on what is of dire supplies and logistical needs for future relief efforts.

    Please donate and spread the word. It’s the least we can do for such an inhumane situation…

    Hello world asking for help for these helpless peoples. donate, share, and encourage others for donations.

    Please visit and help us by donate or share:

    Thank you

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    Hi Anna!
    I shared on my Facebook Group . You can join and bump your campagin.
    BTW, anyone has a campaign, feel free to share on my group
    Hope this can help.

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    Will share

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    they are really needy,, ,

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    Great research keep more posting

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