To All Crowdfunding Forum Members -

My company, David Hyde Apparel, recently launched our Kickstarter campaign last week. We offer a solution to a life-long problem that almost everyone faces - sweat stains. Our sweat-proof dress shirts utilize a patent-pending double sided fabricated patch, that wicks/dries sweat without showing through. Our campaign did great the first 3 days as we funded 22% of our goal, but quickly realized it was mostly backed by warm donors. We are now trying to do different things for the next 29 days to help convert more cold donors to be able to hit out $35K goal. Would love some input on what we could do, change, try to help us raise the remaining $25K. Thank you!

Some things that we've tried or currently trying:

1. PR for media outreach - in process (great for creditability, not converting)
2. Backerclub - in process (not much help)
3. Social media outreach
4. FB ads

Any input helps! Thank you.

In Regards,

David Schwartzberg
CEO David Hyde Apparel