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    Captive Audience - A first person narrative driven thriller

    Hey Folks,

    My names Nick, and i'm part of team Captive Minds, a small UK based games studio.

    We've just launched the Kickstarter, and would love to hear your feedback, or get some extra support

    A few months ago we released a prototype for our game, and since then have been working closely with the community to improve, refine and change our concept for the better.

    The prototype has been a huge success, recently garnering nearly 1,000,000 views thanks to Youtuber Markipliers video of the game which you can watch below:

    Our plan for Captive Audience was always to take it further if we could, and now we're more determined than ever to take our project to the next level, and with your help we hope we can do that.

    So what is Captive Audience?

    Captive Audience is a first person Narrative Thriller set in the confines of the Compendium Estates, a dark-web corporation responsible for the creation of unlicensed programming using unwilling participants sourced from death row. Inspired by George Orwells 1984 and the Truman Show, Captive Audience draws you in to its dark, sadistic world and holds you, dare I say, Captive.

    With a fully voice acted story complete with multiple scenes of dialogue, scoring and object commentary, as well as a focus on environmental interaction, Captive Audience will be an immersive, engaging thriller that draws the player into its world and pulls them through to the shocking conclusion.

    If that intrigues you then I hope you'll check out our Kickstarter : )


    Nick and the Captive Minds team.

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    Looks promising!

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    Well the concept and your view is amazing.

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