Can you bear the burden of political resistance on your shoulders? Not only are the lives of your team and supporters at risk but also the future of the whole country. Explore stories of people living under a dictatorship. Try to overthrow the corrupt government with peaceful protests or by power or by even behind-the-scenes high level political games. We all know that freedom is important, but how far will you go for it?

What is the game about:
-Itís hard to win democratic elections, but itís much harder to win rigged elections where everything is controlled by one group of people in power. When the people are oppressed and economy is controlled by few itís up to you to change it.

-Maneuver between different political and economic beliefs to win peopleís hearts. Develop friendships with influential individuals and governments that will show support to you in exchange for a little help from you, of course. But also remember about your team and close ones, do you trust them? Are they ready to execute your orders?

-How to revolt is up to you to decide. Peaceful protests or terror? Aim for international support or bribe and abduct objectionable persons? Democracy or another dictatorship? Itís your call.

-Most games are focusing on faceless management and people are just tools in your hands. But is it that easy to lead the peopleís destinies? It takes enormous willpower to make the necessary decisions for the benefit of society instead of your profit. Is it possible to get out of the political game without betraying ideals? Or is freedom not so important after allÖ