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    HEART OF WILDFIRE - Path of an 18-year-old dream

    The link if you want to skip all of this:

    I grew up idolizing fictional characters from comics and manga; from Spider-man to Sailor Moon and anything in between. When I was 9 years old, I made my first connection with a Dragon Ball volume. As I was reading the graphic novel and being mind-blown by it at the same time, I knew from this moment what I wanted to do in the future; I wanted to do a manga of my own. The drive of my desire was so powerful that I even dreamed and wanted to be published by Shonen Jump Magazine so I could meet one of my idols, Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball. If it wasn't for him, I would have never had the wonderful passion for writing and reading.

    Up until 16 (and even today occasionally), I wrote loads of fanfictions. I even mixed characters from Dragon Ball, Digimon, Pokémon, and even Megaman in the mix. (Yeah, I had a crazy imagination.) In high school, I met Hagane and we became great friends due to our love for manga and for having the same aspirations; creating a series of our own. And we've been on it ever since. It was at that time that HEART OF WILDFIRE was born. At the same time, she had given the first breath of life by drawing the characters out of my old (and immature) designs.

    Despite my huge desire to work and publish at Shonen Jump, I realized I was much more immature than I thought. Piercing through this business was hard and harsh, and even more difficult for non-Japanese ones as myself. Learning Japanese alone would have been incredibly time-consuming.

    They were times I almost gave up. But I thought to myself, was it really important to reach and be acknowledged by Shonen Jump. And as stupid as it was, I simply said, "no." And just like that, it was as if I needed that simple answer to tear that inner wall down.

    And with the rise of independent self-publishing platforms that came years later, I realized my dream could come true. At last!

    This story tells the tale of three brothers, Sahn, Tairo and Ryo, aspiring to become living legends like the late hero Senthann Kameyata who passed away by defeating Shadolus, queen of calamities and goddess of chaos...

    But the brothers' plan suddenly takes a fateful turn when they stumble on a medallion shaped as a flame. The strange item is called in an ancient dialect "Heart."

    Learning that the mysterious artifact is coveted by the armies of the Sirken Cross, the same forces formerly led by Shadolus, the brotherly trio are engaged on a journey to find the remaining medallions before these hellish forces do and plunge the world of Gaelice into chaos by the hands of their new leader, the enigmatic one called the General.

    What better way to become a living legend than saving the world?

    I founded a small group of people that gathered around me to make this wonderful story a reality. I decided to call ourselves the RED RONINS. Red is for our passion, at we are passionate into our artistic craft and skills. Ronins is for the fact that even though we have been inspired by great artists, we are by unbound; like masterless samurais.

    Hagane: Character designer, co-writer and cat/neko lover!
    GM (me): Author, writer & creator of the H.O.W. project (also the only dude to can't draw...)
    Memer: Page artist & secretly a Transformer (What? I'm sure he is!)
    Lumaga: Digital colorist & Super Wizard (Colors like that are magical! Deal with it!)

    Right now, we're gathering funds for the first chapter that will be available on Tapas and Webtoons as soon as done. Unlike the no-reward system that Ko-Fi has, I do plan on distributing rewards at some point when the campaign goes further depending on the donation given. For now, those who will donate will be rewarded with access to sneak peeks towards the development on the first chapter.

    With your help, you can help make this 18-year-old dream come true! Thank you so much! Share the link if you like!

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    Cool idea thanks for sharing on the forum. Hope it goes great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanyan View Post
    Cool idea thanks for sharing on the forum. Hope it goes great!
    Thank you so much! Much appreciated!
    I've talked with the artist and we're thinking of offering sketches for those donating 10$. We are also thinking of offering more-detailed drawings depending on the donations. As soon as we got everything cleared up, I'll post the update on the page and also here.

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    Great. Wish you all the best, and hope that it becomes success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuantranbk View Post
    Great. Wish you all the best, and hope that it becomes success.
    Thanks a lot! I'm probably going to do some updates about a special offer to those donating over 10$! I'll keep you posted!

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    Looks great! I'm glad you are chasing the dream and bringing it to life. That is inspiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILLUS View Post
    Looks great! I'm glad you are chasing the dream and bringing it to life. That is inspiring.
    Thank you so much! I'm going to do my best to make this long dream come true! Thanks for the positive vibes!

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    that was a nice story... good luck with ur work!

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