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    Meaningful gifting made easy - collaborative group gifting service on Kickstarter!

    Cogivi makes it easy for your group to give an unforgettable gift. Check out our Kickstarter!

    We make meaningful gifting easy and powerful. Here's how it works:

    1. An organizer sets up a Cogivi gift for a recipient and invites a group of loved ones to contribute
    2. Contributors go to where they add content to five different artifacts--each with meaningful prompts like "What are your favorite memories with the recipient?" or "What do you appreciate about the recipient?"
    3. Cogivi helps the organizer by simplifying the coordination of the group along the way

    Really powerful gifts are about meaning and sentiment. We live today in a world of material abundance where we donít always need more stuff, but we do always need more love. We hope that by enabling more collaborative gifts, we can bring into focus the love and connection that exists in our relationships. Our vision is that Cogivi can help define great gifting for the 21st century.

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    Can you share the link for it

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