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    Matteo Mantovani / Fuzzy Factory, learning through reality / imagine a new healthcare

    Fuzzy Factory - the augmented reality healthcare platform for everyone

    Education for health and biomedical profession is a good big challenge, now..

    If we do not change the way we learn we will find ourselves in a series of troubles:

    - our learning is knowledge-based and we can not compete with more and more smart, fast and complex machines
    - we have to learn something unique that a machine, however smart, can not grasp: the value of a universal teamwork, in real time

    These are the main reasons for which we have shaped an ecosystem that we have called Fuzzy Factory.

    This is what we have achieved:

    - a safe and secure place where clinicians can share videos and pictures from all over the world
    - an international environment designed for nurses
    - a secure meeting point for all professionals working for patient care
    - a permanent campus where students can meet, in real time, sharing experience
    - a reserved, comfortable and safe platform designed for patients
    - and finally, an instant message and a secure conference-call platform

    These are just some of the solutions and advantages:

    - realtime surgeries for professionals
    - training video library for medical students
    - secure and protected direct contact between the patient and his favorite doctor

    Fuzzy Factory, learning through reality, the augmented reality platform for health and biomedical professions.

    If you like this project, let's stay in touch!!

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