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    Fuzzy Factory - the augmented reality healthcare platform for everyone

    imagine a new healthcare

    Fuzzy Factory - the augmented reality healthcare platform for everyone

    Everyone's health is increasingly at risk and we are also aware of it because the whole planet is involved:

    The world population progressive aging, the costs associated with it will put a strain on the budgets of entire's something you know. For million people it will be increasingly too much expensive to access treatment..

    On the other hand the poorest countries will see the number of people who can not have access to treatment grow by four times compared to today

    We believe that access to health is the fundamental issue of this era and we think that many of these problems can be addressed by networking knowledge and value, in real time: that's why we built Fuzzy Factory, the healthcare digital platform for everyone

    Imagine an ecosystem like:

    - a safe and secure place where clinicians can share videos and pictures with each other

    - an international environment designed for nurses

    - a permanent campus where students can meet, in real time, sharing experience

    - a reserved, comfortable and safe platform designed for patients

    - and finally, an instant message and a secure conference-call platform for everyone

    While we imagined these solutions and services we have seen an ecosystem taking shape to which we have given the name of Fuzzy Factory

    But there is more:

    Fuzzy Factory, in line with the UNESCO 2030 Education Guide allows to reduce barriers and provides lifelong healthcare learning, especially in the poorest regions of the planet

    A single safe, protected and comfortable digital place designed for doctors, nurses, medical students, biomedical professions and patients

    Fuzzy Factory, learning through reality, the augmented reality platform for health, biomedical professions..for everyone!!

    Share if you like!!

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