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    Quickstarter - MiniWallet |Expandable|

    Hi all!

    We are running a small kickstarter campaign through Quickstarter now.

    I'd like to present you our newest Quickstarter project: MiniWallet |Expandable|.

    The MiniWallet |Expandable| is a wallet that is suited for all your needs. It is a no-nonsense wallet that houses your cards, cash, key, and coins, all in one.

    The miniWallet is designed to be a wallet that expands according to your needs. With this in mind, an elastic band is integrated into the design to allow this expansion. Furthermore, its unique wrap design prevents the wallet from being bulky, optimising its compactness, no matter how much cash or cards you put inside.

    Pledge for this project on this link! We still have 2 weeks to go!

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    wow, very nice, i have a question for you, Have you ever dropped your phone while rummaging through your bag to get your keys?

    Have you ever dropped your phone when you get out of your car because your phone was on your lap?

    Have you ever dropped your phone simply because it slipped right through your fingers?

    We have all been there!

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