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    WORLD FIRST PRODUCT - heated jacket that follows fashion trends

    Nu-Da brings you the worlds first on-trend heated jacket which means you never have to choose between looking good or keeping warm again. Gone are the days of hiding inside when the mercury drops. Say good bye to sacrificing all your cute outfits just to keep from freezing to death because your days of layering up with bulky clothing are over.

    Thinking its too good to be true? Think again. Nu-Das vegan-friendly designs are made with carbon fiber heating elements. Three in fact. Yep, thats right. Multiple levels of warmth. Power the jacket by connecting the Nu-Da rechargeable battery (which also can charge your mobile device - great right), hold down the LED button located inside the jacket and voila! Its basically your own personal heater. You picking up what were putting down? Canceling plans because its too cold outside is a thing of the past.

    Check out our website :

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    Best of luck!

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