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    Promoting to email subscribers - do they all go to spam folder?

    I am seeing open rates of around 10-15% on email campaigns to promote my campaign.

    Given I spent so much on FB ads to build this list of people supposedly interested in my product, I am keen to hear of any ways I can improve this or improve the delivery rate.

    I know from friends that lots are going straight into Spam /Junk folders - useful to know before I un-friended people who said they would back me on day 1 then went silent.

    I am using Mailchimp, but have also tried Mailerlite without much improvement- does anyone have any suggestions? I was hoping that some of these would buy when the product was on general sale but if I cant even get to them now, this is looking like a very expensive list.


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    I am not sure why the emails would go right into the spam folder, you may want to try one of the following: , or

    I found this list by reading this article here:
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