The aim of this campaign is to fundraise for feeding, medical treatment, spaying/neutering and adoption procedure for 40+ street animals in Istanbul. I've been funding these activities myself for over 2 years, but the cats I care for are too many now, cat food is getting more and more expensive, and every other day there is a new cat in trouble. It is becoming very difficult for me to cover all the expenses.. I need your support. They need your support.. And they will forever be thankful <3


Honey was bitten by a dog. It took me 5 days to catch her, her wound was already infected. I took her to the vet who cleaned the wound and removed the dead tissue. Her joint and the main ligament are damaged. Honey is now on antiobiotics and has to be taken to the vet every 3 days for a month to complete her treatment. She already started to grow back some tissue and circulation is back to her leg.
Honey will need a home once she heals.


Karla was found crying from pain. Her ear was torn and needed a surgery. She has now healed, had all her vaccines and titer test, got spayed and she is now waiting to find her forever home thanks to SCATS istanbul who is helping me find homes in Germany to the 4 kittens I foster.


Duman was found in freezing winter as an abandoned 3 month old kitten starving near a lake. She suffered from a really bad upper repiratory tract infection. Her blood test showed that she had been starving for too long. She was my first rescue and I ended up adopting her. She is now a 2 year old affectionate and gorgeous blue kitty who helps me raise and manage the new fosters.


These babies were found on the same day on 2 different streets, abandoned, 7-8 weeks old without a mother around. Jasmin was crying for 2 days straight before I found her. I kept hearing her voice from my apartment and looked for her several times until I found her. She was near one of colonies I manage (See dumbster colony below) probably dumped there. She was being bullied by the older cats. I took her in. Oreo was found on the same day by my mom, similar circumstances but in a different place, he was just about to cross a street... They need to get their vaccines, microship and titer test ready, then spayed/neutered while SCATS group is trying to find them loving homes in Germany.


Minnie was found as a 7-8 weeks old baby. She must have been abandoned by someone, her nails were trimmed. She had a bad roundworm infestation that took months to clear. She had all her vaccinations and titer test done, she got spayed recently and is waiting for her forever home. SCATS group is helping in finding a suitable home for her in Germany.


This colony has around 10 cats, most of them are 4-5 month old kittens. I feed them on a daily basis and take care of them when any of them is sick or need medical treatment. I am planning to arrange for neutering/spaying them before spring comes.


This colony has 18 cats. Me and my mother feed them on a daily basis. This colony is relatively healthy, they live in a clean environment with low risk for dog attacks, sickness and injuries. Many of them are already spayed/neutered.

With your support I can keep helping all the street cats I come accross. New stories will unfold and I will be sharing them with you as they happen. Please donate and share with your family and friends. These beautiful souls deserve all the love and care we can give...