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    How to Crowdfund - Free Download (PDF)

    New to the forum! Wanted to share a guide to crowdfunding that can be very helpful to anyone new to the crowdfunding space. Please let me know if you have any questions! Lets get the conversation started on this thread.


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    Hi, crowdfundmafia.
    Thanks for your nice sharing. As for me, I have seldom tried to deal with that. It is of great help. I wonder whether you have any exprience about
    pdf conversion process. Because there is something wrong with my pdf reader. I need convert pdf to text or other formats. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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    Your PDF did not open for me. Sounded interesting. Thanks for offering.

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    Next to offering shares, there are a few other (non-donating) ways to crowdfund your company:

    1. Revenue sharing
    Another model of giving your investors a financial ROI, is by using a revenue sharing model. Investors will have a nice incentive to boost sales! SellaBand is for instance using this model.

    2. Loans
    A third model that makes it possible to give a financial ROI is the loan model; a pre-defined interest rate can be shared with investors. CrowdAboutNow is using this model in the Netherlands.

    And yes, it will be possible to offer shares through crowdfunding, but I doubt whether crowdfunding and shares fit as a combination. The next years will show us whether it works or not.

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