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    (Kickstarter) Middle of Nowhere - Survival/Horror


    I'm currently in development of a first person survival/horror game entitled "Middle of Nowhere". It's a single player story driven game influenced by games like Silent Hill.

    Early development gameplay can be found here! -

    Here's a short description:

    Middle of Nowhere is an exciting new, original first person survival/horror game which centers around waking up from a car crash in a place you don't know and not being able to remember a thing.

    The game is mostly set in an open-area full of caves, shanty-like shacks and other things planned in future development. You have the option to explore while following the story as-well.

    The story is well thought out, as you progress, you find out fragments about your past and why you are in the middle of nowhere.

    Use various items to remove blockades, heal yourself or top up your flashlight.

    Climb different levels of caves, solve puzzles.

    Encounter monsters, choose to stand and fight or run away.

    I've recently put up a Kickstarter for the game with a full list of features, images and soundtrack preview. Please back it if you can! -

    Facebook page - Please like if you can! -

    Indie DB -

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