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    Great tips! But they're somewhat generic to me. To me, I've gone through lots and lots of Kickstarter campaign, some are good and some are really bad. Ultimately, it comes down to a question where if your product is helpful or not?

    Back to this question, my first & last advice goes back to these simple formula:

    Good product + Good promotion = success
    Good product + Bad promotion = maybe, by chance
    Bad product + Good promotion = scam
    Bad product + bad promotion = fail

    So, the last thing you need to care about is whether your is considered good, valueble, quality, or not? Then, you will be in a good piece. Have a great day! This is Aaron.
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    I see this post because 39 pages is a lot, so i read it and I'm wondering that in 2013 it was so a lot of group in facebook that I don't even know, but today how much you can count?

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    Can't emphasize more on point 7, yet the most difficult part. Haha!

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    THANKS for this great list! We just launched our first Kickstarter campaign yesterday so your no.7 is extremely helpful for us today :-)

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