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    Kickstarter is a significantly larger site in terms of traffic, but the hurdles to post there are higher.

    It took me 2 weeks to get my Kickstarter account set up, for example, and it took 3 weeks for my project to get approved. The approval process was at least partly my fault - both because it is a tech project (which takes longer to approve) and because the PR company had stripped out a lot of the story which Kickstarter wanted.

    How much does this traffic matter? I can't speak for areas outside of tech, but I know from speaking with a large number of kickstarter creators that it is very significant in certain areas like video games.

    The thing to keep in mind with a large site that has lots of traffic (and lots of projects!) is that the noise level also increases. If your category has dozens or hundreds of submissions every day, your project is much more easily lost in the noise.

    As a contrast: I was so close to giving up on Kickstarter that I had replicated my entire submission onto IndieGoGo. That process took 20 minutes to set up the account and less than 1 hour to push everything over - obviously I didn't have to create content as much.

    There are a number of other differences:

    1) IndieGoGo has lower fees for fixed projects: 4% vs. Kickstarter 5%
    2) IndieGoGo allows collection of donations even if you don't achieve goal, but at a 9% fee
    3) IndieGoGo has a lot less restrictions and faster approval. Kickstarter for example no longer allows rewards consisting of multiple units - something I didn't learn about until I had submitted my project. I don't know when this went in, but I certainly didn't see it early this year when I first started looking at Kickstarter.

    This is not to say I disapprove of the Kickstarter process - I do think there is going to be value to backers if the Kickstarter process results in significantly higher delivery/higher quality of projects.

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    Here is an awesome infograph from Pandodaily:

    Join TheHidden Content , and Invite your friends.

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    Great article. I hope to find a comparison between Indiegogo and Gofundme. That would be brilliant.

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    Incredible information! Thanks for sharing!

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    incredibly insightful. I don't think i will be trying to post any more projects to indiegogo in the near future given this new info.

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    Hi, I just register with this website, I just posted it my product in Kickstarter and need some tips on how to use this forum to make my project successful. My product is call Lazy Keys, Lazy Keys is the only key organizer that features a release button and a built in LED light . Please check it out and feel free of give me
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    We have chosen Indiegogo for our campaign on mostly because it caters to a more creative community and is available to non-US projects also. We will see how it works out but are in good spirits ....

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    Thank you for the helpful information.

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    The problem with Kickstarter is that it works with Amazon Payments and therefore to the best of my knowledge only people from the USA or the UK can start a project there. Indiegogo works with PayPal and thus is more international.

    Moti Friedman,
    Co-creator, Upside-down World,

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    Lots of great comments!

    Clearly, both Kickstarter and Indiegogo have their advantages and disadvantages. Frankly, I'm very disappointed in Kickstarter's Creator interface and have had nothing but problems with it glitching up on me at times, regardless of the browser I use. I also feel that not allowing PayPal is a huge minus on Kickstarter's side. That said, I far prefer Kickstarter to Indiegogo.

    Kickstarter is slowly spreading around the world so the Paypal disadvantage will lessen in time. I'm sure their clunky Creator interface tools will also improve and I haven't heard complaints about them (though they annoy me to death). Of course Indiegogo is bound to improve as well.

    The bottom line, at least currently, is that Kickstarter sees a whole lot more traffic than Indiegogo, which is HUGE. While there's a number of poorly done Kickstarters, I routinely see much more polished campaigns than on Indiegogo, which also has a reputation (deserved or not) as being less pro, since they let you keep $$ even if you supposedly can't use it to complete your goal. Kickstarter may be fairly strict, but all you have to do on Indiegogo is look around a bit and you will usually see why Kickstarter chose a more commercial approach.

    Now, don't get me wrong, there's some fine Indiegogo projects out there, and I've backed (a little - I'm rather poor, but do my best), as well as on a couple other crowdfunding sites, but I'm sticking with Kickstarter for most of my backing and all of my campaigns for the foreseeable future. I've also seen Kickstarter projects that accept Paypal on the side - for those that really want the product, but of course that doesn't help their campaign get funded.

    I totally understand why some choose Indiegogo instead (after all, Kickstarter flat out doesn't cover several types of projects) and Indiegogo is way better than a laundry list of other crowdfunders I've seen, but I like the community at Kickstarter, have made some good friends there, like their overall approach (even the all or nothing approach, and I'm a Creator only at 40% of my campaign!)

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