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    Glad you like us!

    Hi hyperstarter,

    Thank you! I wonder how hyperstarter could work with SparkRaise.

    Quote Originally Posted by hyperstarter View Post
    Hi Ken,
    I saw what you're doing with SparkRaise - looks interesting and connected with you on Twitter.
    Ken Mendiola
    Resident Growth Hacker at SparkRaise
    SparkRaise is where crowdfunding meets social media for people who share creative, entrepreneurial and philanthropic interests

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    Add FreeFunder (, a free, donation-based platform.

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    Nice thx a lot for this list!
    Below are some more facebook gorups related to crowdfunding, there might two or three you have already wrote.

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    As for platforms, one to add to the list would be Thrinacia Reach. Here is a link to Reach:

    Thanks for the list!
    Kyle Tummonds - Customer Advocate
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    Thrinacia Inc.
    The CrowdFunding Infrastructure. Build, customize and operate CrowdFunding Websites, Widgets and Applications. Integrate with advanced CrowdFunding REST API's.

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    Note: The crowdfunding site for Shades of Truth Theatre is at: Thank you and have a nice day.

    ATTN: Corporate Contributions and Partnerships

    Dear Friends and Supporters of Black Wall Street Theater and Music Festival:

    Shades Of Truth Theater & Voza Rivers/New Heritage Theater Group Presents...Tru Bone!

    We live in a world that has never truly atoned for the sins of slavery…enter Tru Bone a man of an indeterminate age…a gifted storyteller who is as profound as he is irreverent, unafraid of controversy or scandal he tells it like he sees it or perhaps even lived it. With the help of a few of his friends he brings to vivid life the stories of the men & women who fueled the flames of resistance. He takes you on a journey from the belly of the slave ship to the auction block, from the sun drenched cotton fields to the treacherous trail of tears, from the shadows of the Deep South to the dim corners of inner city America. Is this the rant of a senile and possibly delusional old man? Or the inspired recollections of a man preserved by time to re write history without paper or pen or apology.

    I tells you bout life the way I know it…the way I lived it…I was a runaway slave…I met John Brown and Harriet Tubman was a friend of mine…I was with on her last trip on the Underground Railroad… I fought in the Civil war and WWI…I was lynched twice…I told Dr. King about a dream I had and I gave Huey P Newton a gun!

    Through the use of narratives, spoken word & dramatic scenes of rage, resistance and revelry, Tru Bone along with an ensemble will help you experience the deep hurt, the spiritual joy and the ultimate resolve of resistance!…underscored by African drums and vocalists.

    This 90 minute tour de force is supported by a myriad mix of multi media of both sight & sound.
    "Tru Bone" will be held at the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Community Center, which located at 34 West 134th St. in New York City, New York. This production will occur on Saturday, 28 January 2017 at 3:00 pm and 8:00pm as well as Sunday, 29 January 2017 at 3:00pm. This play is one of many in the run up to Black Wall Street Theater and Music Festival commencing Memorial Day weekend, 28 May through 3 June 2017. We look forward to having a large turnout and we thank you in advance. It helps in efforts to build the Black Wall Street Museum Educational & Performance Center in New York City. The fundraiser tickets are only $50.00.

    We're also writing to ask you to support our upcoming Black Wall Street Theater and Music Festival, occurring 28 May through 3 June 2017.

    The BWS Theater and Music Festival will be a series of events held during a weeklong observation & celebration of Black achievement, including workshops on building and maintaining an economic floor for the black community. There were a number of black business districts such as in Oklahoma, Florida, and elsewhere that were burned down to the ground in the period of racial hatred. Play readings and other activities that explore the rich legacy of Black life and achievement will also be presented.

    The Black Wall Street Theater and Music Festival will require considerable financial resources for our ongoing efforts to establish The Black Wall Street Museum Educational & Performance Center in New York City.

    The BWSM will be solely dedicated to celebrating the achievements of African Americans in post slavery America from 1865 – 2017. It will also serve to pay tribute and commemorate the destruction of dozens of successful Black communities that were established throughout the country from the late 1800’s into the early 20th century. We are asking you to help us in building this program. Your contributions will enable us to continue to make Black Wall Street Theater and Music Festival possible and will enable us to continue to have public, private, and charter school students, the indigent, and others to continue to attend our regular theatre offerings free of charge (you're welcome to view our past productions, and attached as PDF files are the reviews of the productions). The contributions matter a great deal, as our organization strives to provide quality events and workshops for the community and for the youth of our community as well. Here are the levels of contributions:

    Founding Sponsor $25,000,000.00
    Presenting Sponsor $22,500,000.00
    Capstone Sponsor $20,000,000.00
    Cornerstone Sponsor $17,500,000.00
    Keystone Sponsor Level $15,000,000.00
    Anchor Sponsor Level $12,500,000.00
    Platinum Sponsor Level $10,000,000.00
    Diamond Sponsor Level $7,500,000.00
    Gold Sponsor Level $5,000,000.00
    Silver Sponsor Level $2,500,000.00
    Bronze Sponsor Level $1,000,000.00
    Emerald Sponsor Level $900,000.00
    Sapphire Sponsor Level $800,000.00
    Ruby Sponsor Level $700,000.00
    Benefactor Sponsor Level $600,000.00
    Archangel Sponsor Level $500,000.00
    Angel Sponsor Level $400,000.00
    Supporter Sponsor Level $200,000.00
    Donor Sponsor Level $100,000.00
    Contributor Sponsor Level $50,000.00
    Builder Sponsor Level $25,000.00
    Friend Sponsor Level $10,000.00 and below

    All contributions are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

    We accept contributions for the festival and the fundraiser by credit card on our website at:

    Also, you can contact us to contribute by calling edited two numbers, directly to contribute by calling917.330.0132 or 212.613.3242 or by sending an email to Please make all checks for contributions payable to 'Global' which is handling our marketing outreach. Please add a Memo on the check "For Contributions." Also, please send a confirmation that you have received this message. We look forward to having your strong support, and we thank you in advance.


    J. Bailey Morgan

    Director of Global Marketing & Theater Development
    Shades of Truth Theatre


    phone: 212.613.3242

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    I see here are those who engage in crowdfunding enough of time.
    Who is engaged in equity crowdfunding? I have a couple of dollars, I want to invest. Shares and stock markets are not for me. But to invest in start-ups is interesting to me!
    What can you suggest for consideration?

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    Launch if you are targeting the Arabic market.

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    Launch Good. com is a good platform to consider if the project will benefit the Arabic community along with others.

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    Thanks to sharing crowdfunding websites and platforms. I want to add one more that is World of Private Offerings. I m also sharing the website url

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