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    I've heard of a platform just for publishing called PubSlush. Has anyone heard of it or used it?

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    One of my friends told me about one called that lets you create custom apparel. Also, its probably been said already, but I've heard good things about indiegogo, kickstarter, and (which seems to be very similar to teespring).

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    For the best products, film, and ideas across multiple platforms check out

    The site is updated daily with the best new projects!

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    4 crowdfunding platform for creative projects and ideas. Australian site

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    This is great, I actually didn't know about any other platforms other than Indiegogo and Kickstarter. I appreciate all of the links and information, definitely will be checking out all the resources.


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    I'd recommend cross checking it with the list at The Crowdfunding Centre, as they have one of the most comprehensive lists that I've seen:
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    New site in Beta, Memeni could change everything.

    I came across and it seems like a pretty good idea. They use crowdfunding and combine it with social collaboration. So you can start projects, give other people input, and even join a project in the beginning . They are in beta, but here is the link to get in and check it out...

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    Fund your dreams. Together Dreamojo lets you collect money from anyone, for anything.
    It’s a new way of connecting. It’s a new way of funding.

    Rewards and donation based social crowdfunding

    Explanation trailer:

    Dreamojo Team

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    BitGiving( India based reward and donation crowdfunding platform working with amnesty international.

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