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    List of All Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms - Ever Expanding

    Well I am trying to put together a comprehensive list of all the Crowdfunding Platforms, Sites, and groups out there today. Please add to the list by replying to this thread and we will add it on the next update. It's very lacking right now, but I will continue to work on it over the coming weeks.

    Equity Crowdfunding Platforms: - UK VBased Renewable energy crowdfunding - For iOS and Android Apps - UK Based - Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding - Finnish Based Equity Platform - UK Based - Health Care Related - Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding - For iOS and Android Apps - UK Based

    Reward Based Crowdfunding Platforms: - Uk Based
    - Second Most popular platform - The Social Crowdfunding Community - Current Leader in Terms of Traffic - Middle Eastern Based

    Donation Based Crowdfunding Platforms: - India Based - Canadian Based Education Crowdfunding

    Debt/Lending Based Crowdfunding Platforms:

    Forums: - That's Us! - Reddit's Crowdunding section


    Other: - Crowdfunding Social Network

    Crowdfunding Groups:
    Google+ Communities
    General CrowdFunding Discussion -
    The CrowdFunding Hub -
    CrowdFunding in General -
    CrowdFunding Strategies -
    CrowdFunding News -

    Facebook Groups:
    Crowdfunding Marketing -
    Rewards Based Crowdfunding -
    German Based Crowdfunding -
    Crowdfunding from Brazil -
    Crowdfunding from Italy -
    Crowdfunding from Mexico -
    Crowdfunding from France -

    LinkedIn Groups:
    Crowdfunding -
    Equity Crowdfunding -
    CrowdSourcing And CrowdFunding -
    Angel Investors -
    CrowdFunding 360 -
    IPO's Via Crowdfunding -
    The CrowdFunding Panel -
    Crowdfunding from Calgary -
    The Funding Co-Op -
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    Invesdor ( Finnish based equity crowdfunding platform working with companies based in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

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    Hi, I also run a blog regarding crowdfunding it is called I have my reader base mainly located in Italy, The Netherlands and Germany. If you would like to add it to the least, I would be very grateful.

    Plus, I suggest to start another subtitle: "White-label crowdfunding platforms". In fact, these kind of solutions are more and more demanded, as the market is growing fast and having an aggregated list of service providers can facilitate the decision. For example, you could include, a white label solution provider for equity based crowdfunding platforms.

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    As well as “All or Nothing” and “Keep It All” models, Patronomy allows Minimum plus, Subscriptions, Royalties and Equity funding.
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    Starting Trends - Providing crowdfunding news, resources, campaign help and education since 2011
    Hidden Content - Strategic Marketing and Digital Media Solutions

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    CrowdFundFusion -

    The first site on the net to combine projects from different crowdfunding sites in one place. Nothing else like it!

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    Another reward based crowdfunding platform : It is supposed to have the lowest rates and no hidden fees !

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    Please add http://Blunts.Biz. We are the worlds first Cannabis Crowdfunding and Cannabis Business Development website. We proudly offer free Cannabis Business consultations, analysis and support with any website design service. We truly will dedicate our efforts to your success. Make the wise choice.
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    10 - donation-based crowdfunding w/ option of giving rewards to donors!

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    Probably the hottest crowdfunding site on the Internet is Kickstarter, which raised a total of $220 million from 61,000 launched projects so far.

    create a small reward with a certain price point, and if the backer pledges the price and claims the reward, he will get the reward but only if the funding is successful (which means you reach your funding goal). Very easy and straightforward! For more info, go to their Backers section.

    Kickstarter charges 5% fee for every successful project. As Amazon Payment is used to receive the fund, Amazon will apply credit card processing fees, which are 3-5% of your raised project fund. And the biggest downside here is that you have to be a permanent U.S. resident with a Social Security number. So, no luck if the project creator is not a U.S. resident.

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