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    Any companies/individuals who specialize particularly in crowdfunding conversion analysis/optimization?

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    Please add Milaap, Milaap is India's leading crowdfunding platform for personal and social causes. Our community of donors and lenders come from 120 countries across the world, and have contributed over Rs 90.18 Cr supporting 49,310 projects across India. Over the last five years, Milaap has become the preferred platform for people to raise and contribute for the causes they care for in India.

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    crowdfunding forum

    Wow crowdfunding is doing a great deal in diversifying it's website to cut across different sectors. This is great.

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    Here is another Crowdfunding forum that you can post your Campaign and discuss Crowdfunding topics: Helios Crowdfunding and Ecommerce Forum
    Kyle Tummonds - Customer Advocate
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    Thrinacia Inc.
    The CrowdFunding Infrastructure. Build, customize and operate CrowdFunding Websites, Widgets and Applications. Integrate with advanced CrowdFunding REST API's.

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    EtherFundMe - the cryptocurrency and smart contract crowdfunding service
    EtherFundMe - Ethereum-based crowdfunding

    EtherFundMe is a cryptocurrency funding platform for creative projects.

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    I tried to launch a funding campaign to start a small business in my country... unfortunately I'm not able to launch the campaign as receiving money through PayPal is not available in my country.... any suggestions... thanks

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    DEAR! THESE DAYS we compiles TEAM recent crowdfunding campaign that intended to raise funds for proofreading, translation and publication 2 BOOKS ABOUT ,MEDIA VERY EXPOSED,REAL CRIMINAL,WAR and other shocking frequent and bloody events WHICH IS THE AUTHOR WAS AN IMPORTANT PLAYER BEFORE HE decided to radically change HIS LIFE.NAME OF THE BOOKS IS-SEE YOU IN THE OBITUARY-CRIME, AND SEE YOU IN THE OBITUARY-WAR.AUTOR about everything writted without any delay,and that fact will save some peopels lifes and to young generation dissipate the illusion that the world of crime is glamorous and alluring. These books will also give PEACE FOR SOME DEAD PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILIES, AND ANXIETY AND UNREST TO THEIR EXECUTIONERS ... IF YOU HAVE EXPERIEN AND YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN (INDIEGOGO) SEND ME EMAIL ON WILL BE REWARDS!BEST REGARDS,Ivanavi


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    1 - Please add MercyCrowd. Equity based crowdfunding platform. We link investors to people seeking to buy a home without being bound to a mortgage.
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    MercyCrowd is aiming at connecting like minded people that thinks that the $152 trillion of debt created worldwide, the highest amount ever, and the conventional finance model that support it are not sustainable nor acceptable.

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    Great post with lot of usefull resources, thanks to all for your shares

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    patreon is the best! (:

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