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    (Seedrs) goCarShare


    A marketplace for empty car seats

    Everyday there are an estimated 38 million empty car seats travelling around Britain; Petrol prices have increased 50% in 3 years and public transport prices have reached record highs.

    goCarShare is creating a new form of social travel that connects like-minded people, enabling them to share journeys and save money in a fun, sustainable way.

    goCarShare is an active participant and pioneer of the Collaborative Consumption movement (Collaborative Consumption details how the internet, and specifically social networking sites are facilitating greater utilisation of existing assets and resources).

    goCarShare focuses on creating trust between users by leveraging the social graph - users could choose to share car journeys with friends of friends, or users with similar interests, as well as an eBay style rating system which helps users determine who is reliable.

    We are also currently evaluating sophisticated ways to validate users.

    We intend to change the way people travel in a positive way:

    Cost Saving
    As an approximate example, if I was to travel from London to the Latitude Festival, driving on my own would cost 80, by coach upwards of 40, and by train upwards of 70. If I was to book a seat in someone's car on goCarShare the journey would be approximately 20. If I was to drive and to take three passengers on goCarShare, the real cost of the journey would be approximately 20.

    Environmental Benefits
    Travelling on your own by car has a significant negative effect on the environment - travel on your own for 100 miles, and you'll typically emit around 30 kg of carbon dioxide. Conversely, if you travel in a full car, according to Defra sources, your carbon emissions will be lower than taking the train.

    Average occupancy of cars is pitifully low in the UK 1.6, which falls to 1.2 for commuter journeys. If we can improve this, we would benefit traffic flow exponentially and reduce congestion significantly.

    Car sharing would open up travel options to people that weren't previously possible. For example, the Varsity Train between Oxford and Cambridge was disbanded in 1967, taking the coach between Oxford and Cambridge takes approximately three and a half hours, if people car shared they could travel between the cities in just over two hours.

    Car sharing also opens up new employment options for people coming from rural locations.

    Event and Festival Partnerships
    goCarShare has built relationships with over 100 festivals and events. These include Reading and Leeds Festivals where we trialed 'goCarShare Priority Car Parks' last year.

    Established Userbase
    > 15k journeys offered by drivers on the site to date
    > 17k messages sent between users
    > Monthly page view exceed 150k in peak months

    Media Buzz
    Featured in national press including The Telegraph, The Guardian, MSN, the BBC and many others.

    Awards Won
    Backed by Telefonica via Wayra - one of 17 companies selected from 3,444,
    TechPitch 4.5,
    A&N media battle of the start ups, and
    Shortlisted for a TechCrunch Europa award.

    Conferences and Events
    Example of presentations include: the Digital Advisory Board at the Mayor of London's Office, to the Sustainable Events Conference in Bonn and to Collaborative Consumption Camp in London.

    Advisory Board
    Giles Bailey (ex Head of Marketing Strategy, TFL),
    Campbell Murray (Head of Market Development, Intuit), and
    Virginie Faucon (Strategy Marketing and Brand, Head of Cover, Telefonica.)

    Commission Based
    Passengers pay drivers a contribution that is based on the estimated mileage. goCarShare would take a commission of 15% before passing the remainder to the driver after the journey has been completed.

    Organisation Car Share
    goCarShare would offer tailored 'white label' car share schemes for companies, and detailed reporting, recording carbon saved through car sharing, as well as estimates of employee savings.

    The car share schemes would form part of companies' travel plans. Companies over a certain size creating new developments are often required to have a sustainable travel plan. Promoting car sharing could also help the company reduce the cost of leasing parking spaces, parking leasing costs in major cities is often in often very expensive.

    There is a 600 million local sustainable transport fund that is being allocated to councils - we are currently submitting bids for this.

    Advertising & Data
    goCarShare has unique data about it users - where people are travelling, with whom and when they are returning, as well as social characteristics. This creates an interesting opportunity for advertising. Anonymised data could also be used to predict travel patterns.

    We plan to obtain a brand partner looking to tap into the festival market via the various goCarShare initiatives.

    Website Developments
    Optimising the service for businesses, refining the online payment system and integration with other social and professional networks.

    App Development
    Developing location based mobile apps to help create an on demand rideshare solution.

    Roll out of goCarShare Sessions (piloted in 2012), videos of bands car sharing to festivals and performing en route. To be seeded via YouTube and the music press, as well as distributed via festivals -

    Focused campaign along a specific route between two key hub cities.

    B2B sales campaign to sign up new corporate clients and councils.

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    I really like this one.

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    Well done!!!

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    Well good.

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