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    (Kickstarter) Shefit™ Sports Bra & Fitness Apparel

    Visit Our Kickstarter page:

    What is Shefit™ ?

    We are about to revolutionize the sports bra industry and bring fashion to fitness.

    Shefit™ empowers the strong beauty in every woman by developing athletic apparel with the highest level of support, comfort and style specifically designed to enhance your workout. Every female who wants great support and fabulous style—regardless of breast size—needs and loves Shefit™!

    Shefit™ is also committed to encouraging and supporting a community of women and girls as they discover and capitalize on their outer power and inner strength. By supporting the Shefit™ campaign, you can help us to make this dream a reality. We want to see women and girls everywhere regain their confidence back with the revolutionary Shefit™ sports bra and put fashion back into fitness with our apparel line.

    What’s our plan?

    We want to get this bra and apparel line into the hands of women and teens everywhere. The more we raise the more we can produce. We can also finally start to work on other versions of our revolutionary sports bra line and more collections. We have all prototypes finished and our patterns and sizing are completed. Our quality control is checked, we have sweat tested all of it and we are ready to ROCK! If we reach our funding goal of $18,000 your pledges will go directly towards moving the very first Shefit™ line from final prototype stage into production phase right here in the USA. If we exceed our goals we can add to this campaign: The bra; in white and one or two of our fashion forward apparel pieces into production.

    The Revolutionary Sports Bra…what makes it different?

    SheFit Sports Bras work as hard as you do: The revolutionary sports bra Personal custom fit allows you to LOCK & ROCK™.

    Shefit™ sports bras offer these strong features and benefits:

    Velcro technology = A custom adjustable fit
    1” wide shoulder straps = Maximum support & comfort
    2” bust band = Cup size adjustability & support

    2-way-wear shoulder straps = Flexibility
    Wash & Wear = Same fit every time
    Zip-in & Zip-out = Easy with our Lock & Rock™ technology

    No more band rolling, falling out of the bottom, chafing, stretched out straps or shoulder digs!

    Why Lock & Rock!™ with Shefit?

    You work hard to be in such great shape; why wear a sports bra that pushes you into poor shape? It’s a fact, 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Shefit™ sports bras are scientifically designed and highly adjustable: allowing for a custom fit and supportive comfort for every workout, every time.

    Many large-busted women have to wear two or three bras just to try to stop the bounce. No more! You’ll find our bras will adjust to fit as well as your favorite pair of jeans! Wash and wear, zip right back into a great fit. Our comfortable fabric won’t stretch out, our Velcro holds you securely, even our band and straps won’t stretch or roll. No more falling out of the bottom either!

    Up to 56% of women experience breast pain during workouts.* We think this is inexcusable! Shefit™ bras are designed so the shoulder and bust bands carry the weight of the bust – so pain, bouncing, and stretching are minimized. No other bras offer these revolutionary features. Your Shefit™ bra truly will become your best workout buddy!

    You can reduce bounce by 73% with the right bra strap. *
“Any type of bounce can affect the natural breast tissue, causing sag over time.”

    Don’t settle for average workouts or for average workout gear. With Shefit™, you will love customizing our Sports bra to the perfect fit for any workout, anytime! JUST FOR YOU!

    * New York Times, Wikipedia

    Shefit Apparel Collection

    Our Shefit™ 2013 Collection includes a great range of top quality products to rock every workout, every time! Our items take you to and from the gym in sassy style! We can add more items if we exceed our goal!

    We have selected the best performance fabrics on the market! We all want the most comfortable fabrics touching our skin during a workout. Our moisture management fabric features sweat absorption to keep you comfortable and dry. Our items are so easy to care for! Wicking, breathable and with enough stretch to give you a streamlined, flattering fit, our supplex® blend makes a super-comfortable travel fabric, too.

    - Some of our fabrics: Supplex® Nylon/Lycra® Spandex.

    We need your Pledge today to help us get this bra into the hands of women everywhere. By pledging and sharing our link with other wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, grandmothers, and friends, you can experience Shefit™ first and we can fund our first production run and fill our website store. We are proudly manufacturing right here in the USA.

    Shefit empowers the strong beauty in every woman, and we won’t stop there; your Pledge will help us to continue to create more products and pieces for young girls and for men as well. Let Shefit™ "support" you as you discover and capitalize on your outer power and inner strength. Pledge with us today.

    Shefit™ will not let you down! We SUPPORT you, and you SUPPORT us! -- no pun intended

    THANK YOU! ...and welcome to our community!

    Visit Our Kickstarter page:
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    The product looks good (though I'm no expert).

    It looks like you are nicely on target with your funding - $5,521 pledged of $18,000 goal.

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    Wow, I am totally impressed to have a look at this post about Sports Bra & Fitness Apparels. I truly loved reading through this. A sports bra is the most important piece of clothing in a woman’s fitness gear. It should be perfectly fit piece and should provide you utmost comfort.

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    Wow! This looks Awesome! I have always had a hard time finding comfortable sports bras that work and this looks like an awesome project!

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