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    live gaming is fun because you can play with your friends .

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    Hello everyone!

    We left our jobs a few months ago and we started this big project: unmemory, an innovative proposal of interactive fiction that immerses you in the story through a masterful mix of puzle and reading. Unmemory is a mystery adventure game that you can read. Or a thiller novel that you can play.

    Discover more and let us know what you think about it:


    unmemory team

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    please watch my funding and help me out, send me a message for more information.. all the best, Mr. ribs

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    Another week of innovation with a cool new smartwatch, a new multi-touch technology, a vision sensor.

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    Some of these items are awesome, might check out on some of these.

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    I would like more information about this, because it is very nice., Thanks for sharing.

    Bad Ice Cream 3

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    It´s amazing the amount of funding they got! The watch got over 1M! And the games seem to be a big thing in crowdfunding platforms. The game Wrath of things got over 700K!

    Any suggestions on shoes related campaigns?
    Thanks, Hidden Content

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    Hello there, We are currently raising money for our short film Held for a moment which is a live action short film following the journey of a young woman after a stillbirth. Supporting this film means encouraging powerful female narratives and supporting all those women and families who have suffered the loss of their newborns through the medium of film.

    We will be very grateful for your support. There are some great rewards involved.

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