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    The Craziest Weirdest Crowdfunding Projects You Have Seen?

    There are so many great crowdfunding projects out there. Crowdfunding is single-handedly changing the world for the better. Having said this there are also a lot of off the wall projects I see on a regular basis when checking in on the various new kickstarter and Indiegogo projects out there. Some may call them scams, while others may just see them as long shots. Post here the projects you think are the wildest and craziest you come by while browsing the various crowdfunding platforms. I will begin:

    St. Paul Reincarnated Twice
    Basically this is a documentary about a young man who claims he is St. Paul and Dr. Lewis. So Far No funding...

    Anti Zombie Soap
    Soap that will protect you from Zombies. This one was fully funded

    Grilled Cheesus
    Want the face of Jesus on your toast or grilled Cheese? Well you lucked out, and so did the project creator who brought in over $25,000

    Free Energy 24 Hours a day
    Do you believe this guy? Could it be legit? If so he will soon be a multi billionaire

    Watermelon Straps
    This would be a great idea if Watermelons were carried around as much as smartphones were.

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    Here is another pretty wacky project:

    The guy raised over the $2k goal he had to fill his studio with gravel as an art idea.

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    I discovered a pretty weird one when I was researching for my project (a deck of cards).

    It's simply a business card that tells you how bad a job you did parking. Here it is. What blew me away was not only how simply this would be to make but how much money they are asking for.

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    To me the all time classic is the Ostrich Pillow, or as I prefer to call it- the "suffocating death oven."

    That said, the campaign was amazingly successful, and mine is totally floundering.

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