WCM777 is a hybrid of a large number of business models:
- Customer Loyalty programs
- Crowdfunded Lending
- Equity-based lending

WCM777's lending and equity aspects will be discussed here.

When you lend WCM777 money, you receive a regular payment back which pays you back cash profit over 300 days. They choose to obtain funds from the public as opposed to hedge funds. The money is used to buy companies and take them public, which the CEO has done 8 times previously.

The equity aspect of WCM777 is that you receive profit points when you crowdfund at WCM777. And you receive a fraction of the crowdfund points for EVERYONE who joins WCM777 after you, regardless of whether you recruited them or not.

You may watch a business presentation of WCM777 here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h--cjmhlhfE
and then contact me to register.