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    Born in a time when economic stress causes charitable givings and donations to favored causes to drop off, breaths new life into online fundraising. With, organizations and individuals alike can create a fundraiser with the goal of raising money for their worthy cause and with the power of the internet and social networking, they can "crowd-fund" their cause without ever asking for a single dollar in contributions.

    The unique method of raising money with comes from a network of mega-corporations and companies who provide questionnaires, product surveys and polls to the public for their valued opinions and in return they pay a "micro-donation" to the cause on behalf of the supporter. Causes can be as simple as needing a new roof for your church up to supporting a presidential campaign, such as the Barack Obama "Grassroots" campaign that is currently listed on the site.

    Supporters may contribute as many times as they wish, participating in as many of the offers, surveys, questionnaires, software downloads and polls to generate revenue for their chosen cause as often as they see fit. Anonymous contributions are available but at the core of the DigitalCollectionPlate system is the Incentive-Payout option. With the incentive payout option, organizations and fundraisers may elect to allow a portion of their earnings to be randomly awarded to one of their supporters who register with the site.

    While this is a start-up business with a lot of room to grow, it already has plans to support Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish, The Humane Society, Hundreds of Churches across the United States and many personal causes to help people through this economic struggle. Through crowd-funding, everyone can contribute a moment of their time and raise money for people and organizations in need. The core belief of DigitalCollectionPlate is "Donate time, not money" and to encourage group cooperation and social stability through the understand of a united people will always be stronger than a divided people.

    There is a "Points" system in development as well where when you have accumulated enough points, regardless of winning any of the drawings, you can simply request a cash-out and get cash.

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    Very Interesting Concept!!!
    We'll be posting a review shortly, very impressed!

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    I look forward to your review. We are adding in some common features today, like progress bars and some usability functions. We're also changing out some of the more archaic functions of the site that were really redundant. It's a evolving and living system and our platform will go through many great changes as we find new technology and develop newer systems to keep it fresh and up to the minute.

    I'm also proud to announce our cooperation with LIVESTRONG and our Benefit to the Lance Armstrong foundation.
    Very exciting times for

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    Well I am unable to understand on this matter just because it is too vast and in detail. If anyone could be able to post this review in short at this thread. Then it would be great for me. Click this url..
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    Short Answer

    Hi there.

    The way the program works is that people can donate to the supported causes (the ones on the slide show) by taking product surveys, questionnaires and polls on the website. These "Donations" are made by the advertiser on behalf of the user and a great deal of money can be made, quickly, if you have enough supporters.

    The site has been officially launched, all bugs worked out and the unique system stress-tested to handle a great volume of supporters.

    We are constantly seeking new affiliates and advertisers to give these real market research surveys for our site and we are always rotating the offer wall.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have or visit the site and take it for a spin. There are never any obligations, the site is 100% free and the causes that raise the money take every cent that is raised. We take nothing as we are paid by the advertisers to host the surveys, so we never will charge for the services of the site, including page design.

    I hope that is short and sweet enough.

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