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    Still no sign of money. Lately Howard is offering subscriptions to his company. Why would I want anything to do with a company that scams people out of their hard earned money. I am coming to the conclusion, that I will never see my money back because that is the way Howard operates. Lying by omission to the banks, paypal to ensure that he keeps the money. If you are looking at this forum Howard, you may think you are a smart boy ripping the people of here. What goes around comes around and every dog has his day, including you Howard.

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    I will be filing a case against them with the FBI's IC3 Internet Crime division. I was scammed just like many people; also like many cases, Paypal decided to side with them, even though I provided enough proof and audio recordings to prove the fraudulent activities. Promises were made, but not delivered. Anyone who is willing to testify with me on this case is welcome to join. Please give me your full names and emails so I can perhaps use this to build the case. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Frank Tsaur. Feel free to message me here, my email (, or on facebook. There aren't many people with my name.
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    Wow, horrible stories. I know where I won't look for help.

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