Although there hasn't been too many major projects launching in this last week as compared to the last couple of weeks, it does appear that 3D Printing is a popular category this week, with 2 projects for 3D Printers bringing in over $49k in their first 7 days. Here is this week's rundown!

The Peachy Printer - The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner!
It's affordable, small, lightweight, and unique. It's a 3D printer in a class all its own!
$442,297 Raised So Far

ATLAS SHRUGGED Movie "Who is John Galt?"
Atlas Shrugged tells the compelling story of a country whose economic system is on the brink of collapse. Who is John Galt?
$137,945 Raised So Far

Genesis 3D Movie
Bringing the Genesis account of our origins to the big screen in stunning stereoscopic 3D.
$85,253 Raised So Far

The World's First Quick-Release AAA Keychain Flashlight
Bringing you a Prometheus light in a small, affordable, innovative package.
$77,099 Raised So Far

Petcube - stay closer to your pet
Save your pets from loneliness! Watch, talk and play laser games with your furry friends through the mobile app anytime, anywhere.
$54,927 Raised So Far

Phoenix 3D Printer
A low-cost, fully loaded entry-level printer, with a heated bed, exclusive management software, print failure recovery, and more!
$49,076 Raised So Far,