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    (YouCaring) Any ideas, Fertility treatment and paying it forward

    So My husband and I are crowdfunding through youcaring. We have been through a nightmare with fertility treatment and have hit a wall. We have had our site up for a little over a month and I have to be honest, most of the money has come from my family.

    Our story full strory at explains more but bottom line once we have completed our family with egg donation we are going to pay it foward and donate our embryos to another couple in need.

    I am running out of ideas and have run I feel like our site is at a stand still. Any ideas? Any thoughts on places I can post our site or specific people I can ask for help getting our story out?

    Thank you much..
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    I want to wish you goodluck with everything. It's hard with these donation based projects as so many people are asking for money for one things or another. I go to a site like Youcaring, and am just overwhelmed. I wish I had a$1 billion so I could fund all the campaigns. I think that's how most people feel. This is why the donation based projects usually rely mainly on friends and family for support, rather than strangers. Having said this, it's nice to see you did raise over $5k. I would recommend searching Google for fertility/health blogs and news sites, then emailing those bloggers and asking them if they would help get your story out. It may be a waste of time, but if just one of the more popular blogs picks your story up, you are golden.

    Good luck once again!
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    Hi, I am going through a similar thing although doing it you have any advice????

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    Have you tried on a social media yet?
    Best of luck!

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    Good Luck, will try to help!

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    Good Luck, trying to help

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    We are raising money for the California wildfire victims please review our page and help if at all possible to help the ones in need god bless!

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