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    Wooden iPhone case, cradle, & nose for the 4/4S and 5

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    Hi Kickstarters,

    I really like my new iPhone. Being a woodworker, I wanted to get a case that had the warmth of wood and yet still wanted it to be as cool and sleek as the phone. It was important to me that the cases have wood buttons that worked. The case is lined with felt so the phone won't get scratched. Even though the fit is snug, I wanted a little extra insurance that the phone would be protected. I made a 2 pronged clip to connect the 2 halves of the case together. When you close the case, you hear a very satisfying ‘click’,

    There are 4 woods to choose from: cherry, maple, walnut and padauk. The first 3 are all local here in Pennsylvania. The padauk is from Africa, but comes from sustainable forestry and does not destroy the rainforest. It is just too beautiful to exclude. All the cases have a hand rubbed oil finish. It takes days to apply correctly, but it is well worth the extra effort. The finish is deep in the wood and not just a surface coating, so it will not scuff and scratch like lacquer or varnish.

    The wood is beautiful on its own, but everyone deserves the personal touch. That's why I decided to add the laser designs. Currently I have about 20 designs and I will be adding more during the Kickstater campaign.

    I wanted to create a charging cradle to use without having to take the case apart. My Mom always taught me that everything should match, so the cradle is available in the same 4 woods. I found a dock extender that I can remove the springs from, so the phone easily slips in and out. I added the noses so that you had a place to keep your specs and your phone together. You can choose from 6 different nose profiles. and the same 4 woods.

    So there you have it! Just pick your wood, pick your design, and pick your nose. It's even okay to pick your nose in mixed company.

    Thanks for checking out my project!

    John Haggerty

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    Wooden iPhone case designed is really nice. 4desing in i like Marple.yes, Don't destroy the rainforest. i wish your business grow up success.

    Good Luck
    Perth Carpet Cleaners

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