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    $153,537 in Funding - Kickstarter- Video Interview with Co Founder Josh Rittenberg

    Joshua Rittenberg, a 24 year old entrepreneur from New York City, set out with teammates, Ben-Yam Barshi and Jared Kasner to bring a closed-loop eco-system to fit anywhere. With great chemistry and a long lasting friendship they knew they wanted to build something that made an impact. And now with the help of Kickstarter they are well on their way to making this happen. The Aqualibrium is the future of growing food inside the home - by combining a hydroponic system and an aquaponic system, where the fish supply the nutrients to fertilize the grow bed, you are left with a garden to grow food inside! Over their 30 day campaign Aqualibrium was able to raise over $153,000 with the help of 660 backers. They plan to use this money to begin production of the Aqualibirum and hope to bring indoor gardening to everyone worldwide! We're certain you'll enjoy their story as much as we did.

    Key Points
    • Take design seriously, people love new products but more importantly they want it too look nice in their home
    • Don't be afraid to ask tough questions
    • Your backers are the most important people, keep them happy
    • Twitter makes the world flat - use this tool and use it often
    • You can gain a lot of valuable information from feedback - Listen and Learn.

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    Your backers are the most important people, keep them happy
    Excellent point!

    This campaign smashed through the target with ease. With all that interest shown it'll be interesting to see how sales of the Aqualibrium go.

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    This project looks cool! Congratulations!

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    Looks good. Congratulations.

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    very nice plant grow pics .....Awesome
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    You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.

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    Limited time: The SoGo Mini! (now on kickstarter) #indiegogo #kickstarter #sogomini

    Hopefully we can be as successful as this project!

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    Interesting interview. It's always nice to hear success stories from people who are willing to share their knowledge. I'm intrigued by the Aqualibrium but admitedly have a trouble even keeping a houseplant alive. lol

    Kicked TV

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    This is great information!!

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    It's impressive and motivational for all.

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