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Thread: The GLYPH FAQ

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    Great, thanks !
    now for import tax, what value will you declare ?

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    Is it possible for the Glyph to provide images that require the eye to focus differently based on the "distance" of the viewed object?

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    Price VS Oculus

    Just wondering, since the release date is going to be similar to the Oculus Rift, do you think that 500 USD is a wise choice since the rift will be releasing for around 350?

    I mean, the Oculus has had a way bigger hype built around it with a much bigger FOV, and meanwhile the Glyph is targeted slightly differently most people will have to choose between it and the Oculus since they won't be able to afford both.

    To be honest for me if the price was a match I might be leaning more towards the Glyph simply for the portability factor. but if the price is 500 vs 350 I would go with Oculus as it has a much bigger FOV (IMAX VS 80 inch TV 8 feet away) and the immersion would be fantastic.

    (unless you could match the FOV on release, then I would happily pay the 500 for the FOV & the form factor)

    This is just my personal opinion and preference, I was wondering what your take is on it?

    (I was also wondering if there is any benefits to pre-ordering?)

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    Very nice Q&A I really understood alot about the project.

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    So it's like HD - quality virtual reality? I'm interested.

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    Thank you for your sharing! I really like to read it,So good to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject .

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